Last minute trip to Las Vegas… outfit details

Soooo my hubs decided it would be a good idea to do Vegas for a weekend before our 3 week trip to Texas. Super last minute planned and it was both of our first time going. We honestly kind of went into this trip super blind because I didn't know two cents about what to... Continue Reading →


What’s In My Makeup Bag-Beach Vacation Edition

Long time no seeeeeee... I've been on VACAYYYY. A nice getaway, husband free, dog free, just a girls vacation in Mexico for a few days, oh it sounds like heaven I know I know. From swimming in crystal clear waters, to 5 star dining, tourist stuff, and lastly all the shopping I hope everyone can... Continue Reading →

You can never go wrong with Army Green…

I couldn't get over this outfit... I was raging all over my Instagram story about this freakin' hat. I've been looking everywhere for one!!! I drove 2 hours away to Bismarck, ND to go Antiquing looking for particularly furniture but I stumbled across this instead. I almost cried real life tears haha. I even found... Continue Reading →

My Top 5 Beauty Secrets…

I've been very interested in makeup, skincare, haircare, etc... ever since I was a young teenager. I was fascinated by ANYTHING Beauty. Along the years and with the help of Beauty school I've learned a thing or two. They work for me and I believe this will be pretty versatile information/tips for just about anybody.... Continue Reading →

70’s Style Boho Look

 Lately I've been obsessed with crochet, lace, and these mixed boho/1940's waves I got going on. Also, the MOM JEANS. This look is giving me major Señora vibes with my little boho touch to it. Anytime I wear this hair with some heels I already feel glamorous. And would you believe me if I said... Continue Reading →

Achieve my infamous loose waves

   This is my normal hairstyle I do for every day wear. Personally straight hair just doesn't look good on me so I curl my hair almost every day. As a person with fine hair I can only go about 2 days without washing and these curls last and look even better dirty. Takes me... Continue Reading →

Casual Boho Look

Hell yes it's finally summer in Minot, North Dakota!!! I'm pretty sure I've said Hallelujiah at least 10 times a day when it's a bright & sunny out. It was about 85 degrees so I put together this very light and airy outfit and added my edgy taste to it with this black double buckle... Continue Reading →

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