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Agua Fresca De Sandia recipe!

A few weeks ago I had asked if anyone would enjoy seeing either my Horchata vs. Agua de Sandia recipe... the Sandia won. Although I will post the horchata one soon! If you're looking for a drink that is refreshing, natural in flavor and healthy (somewhat) this is the perfect thing for you... I make... Continue Reading →

My take on Veggie Burgers!!! Yum

Exploring my diet and trying to stay on the vegetarian/vegan side can be hard sometimes. Most people think it can also be extremely pricey but honestly it's not. I was up alllll night on YouTube searching for recipes on a budget. I know so many people my age that are either in college, working full... Continue Reading →

You can never go wrong with Army Green…

I couldn't get over this outfit... I was raging all over my Instagram story about this freakin' hat. I've been looking everywhere for one!!! I drove 2 hours away to Bismarck, ND to go Antiquing looking for particularly furniture but I stumbled across this instead. I almost cried real life tears haha. I even found... Continue Reading →

My Top 5 Beauty Secrets…

I've been very interested in makeup, skincare, haircare, etc... ever since I was a young teenager. I was fascinated by ANYTHING Beauty. Along the years and with the help of Beauty school I've learned a thing or two. They work for me and I believe this will be pretty versatile information/tips for just about anybody.... Continue Reading →

Day 2: 20 Facts About Me

This was SO much harder than I thought. I don't find myself very interesting so I had to really sit down and ponder what I like or even do, crazy!! But here we go, if we have any similar interests that'd be cool to know! ..... 1. I know this sounds super crazy and totally... Continue Reading →

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