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I’ve always been a fashionista since I could remember. My husband tells me I have a serious problem haha. My personal style is more edgy but I seem to find pieces of all styles and can usually put something great together. I have a lot of vintage pieces which is why I’m such a big fan of THRIFT STORES!! Oh my goodness I will literally choose thrifting over the mall any day! I can’t wait to share great deals with you all let you know all of my favorite online sites for the saving some extra bucks. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love to save money? So to all my other fashionistas, I won’t be of a disservice!


If you follow my Instagram already you know  I don’t eat red meats for personal health reasons and I try my best to stay on a plant based diet but hey who’s perfect? I like to explore veganism and vegetarian diets. I’m not a health professional but I’ve learned quite a thing or two. On the other hand my husband is a big meat lover, so I’m here to help show you how I balance the two if you’re in my situation & on a budget! Some are my personal recipes while others are favorites I’ve picked up along the way!


What gave me the idea for this lifestyle blog? In a nutshell, I found myself wishing there were others who could relate to my situation and provide the help when I desperately needed it. Guess what? I found that help and I want to help you too! As a young military wife moving to a brand new place can be intimidating and you have tons of questions. If I need something on base where do I go? Base versus off base housing? What are my steps for when I marry a military person? I have some of the information you need & I want to give it to you!

 So with all that said, some things that you’ll find with this lifestyle blog are

  • Fashion/Beauty
  • Health
  • Food
  • Military
  • Home/DIY

Thank you for reading and I hope you find something you were looking for here.


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